Always Choose Rock

I’m sure many of you have seen the popular vintage subway signs that seem to be everywhere these days.

Subway sign 3

Subway sign 4

Subway sign 1

Subway sign 6


The other day, I saw this version online, and it made me laugh. 

One part vintage subway sign, one part ‘deep thoughts by Jack Handy’.



Lesson for today:  Always choose rock.


Til Tomorrow, Happy Decorating.

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4 Responses to Always Choose Rock

  1. Rebecca says:

    A post EVERY day??!! I love it! How do you find the time? I was bummed about the last one…I heart my white subway tile and am too chicken to think outside the box..always scared I’ll hate it a year later…hence the reason I made Mac repaint our family room last weekend:) I think I’ve started nesting. Keep posting…and I’ll keep reading! Love ya girl!

    • Don’t be bummed! I love love love subway tile too! I have it here at the Kipling House. It’s just that sometimes in design magazines I want to be inspired by new ideas, and it’s been subway tile for a while now. I’m ready for some change!

  2. Osh says:

    That sign is awesome. If you had stumbled across that earlier, it most certainly would be hanging in place of the SF one. Hilarious.

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